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January 31, 2009
Mr. Al Drory
Highland Construction and Remodeling, Inc.
18144 Killion St #9
Tarzana, CA 91356

Dear Al,
Judy and I want to thank you and the Highlandís organization and all of the workers for bringing our 1960ís home into the 21st century. By all accounts, in less time than we expected, we now have a home that we can enjoy and be proud of.

As we reflect on the extensive remodeling project there were many highlights. Maybe the most important were the many suggestions that you and Ron made to improve on our general ideas. Judy would probably cite your suggestion to move a closet wall which would allow our washing machine and dryer to be enclosed by bi-fold doors rather than be exposed near our new kitchen. Others included even such small things as Ronís suggestion to hang bathroom mirrors horizontally instead of vertically thereby giving the room a bigger look.
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December 31, 2008
Mr. Debbie Welsch
Direct Buy

Dear Debbie,
Earlier this year I was agonizing over what to do about my much desired kitchen remodel. I just could not seem to get it in motion, primarily because I did not have a contractor to do the work nor was I quite sure about the layout. Fortunately, a friend suggested that I look into a Direct Buy membership for my appliances and materials. I did just that and was pleased to learn that I could not only purchase all the appliances and materials, but could also get the expertise of a designer for the kitchen. Of course, I am happy to say that the design is exactly what I wanted. Kathy Alvarez did a great job and we were glad that she respected our request and physically reviewed the design during construction. Doing so saved us from some potentially costly problems.

Further, I was able to obtain the services of a general contractor, Highland Construction (Al Drory) to make it happen on the same day I became a member of Direct Buy. The following day Al Drory reviewed the preliminary plan and made a physical inspection of the space to be remodeled and within 30 minutes gave me an estimate to complete the work. This, in itself was amazing.
Highland Constrcution is not affiliated with nor endorses Direct Buy
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Mr. Mike
Mrs. Mary Scheibe

I just wanted to take a momendt and let you know how thrilled we are with the work that Al Drory has done on our master bathroom remodel. We were given Al's name by Direct Buy and have not regretted our decision to hire him.

Al has an amazing attitude. He always has a smile on his face and has been on top of every aspects of our remodel. Al checks in with me in person and by telephone at least once a day (including Saturdays when his crew is working). I have truly appreciated the fact that I can reach him at any time. He returns phone calls in minutes, and when we do talk, he has always been more than happy to take the time to answer any questions I may have. He really does take excellent care of his clients.
Highland Constrcution is not affiliated with nor endorses Direct Buy
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